In September of this year, Texas passed a controversial ban on abortion rights called the ‘heartbeat law', which prohibits any women from getting an abortion after 6 weeks. This has led to many protests urging the law to change and caused frustration and anger worldwide due to these harsh restrictions put on women's bodies. Many people are concerned that this law will affect the stigma around abortions for people worldwide making it seem like a shameful procedure, and many are worried that this law will influence future laws put in place in America. But what does this mean for women's rights more broadly?

In 1973, the Supreme Court legalised women's rights to an abortion until the foetus can survive outside of the womb (22-24 weeks of pregnancy). However, In September 2021, conservative Texas abortions after 6 weeks have been prohibited. By 6 weeks many women do not even know that they are pregnant. This new law that has been introduced empowers any private citizens to sue any person or clinic that aids  ‘illegal’ abortions and does not make any exceptions for rape or incest. If Texan women need access to an abortion, they will have to travel 248 miles across state which is not an option for many women. Womens rights to their own bodies are rapidly being violated, ripping away their basic human rights which is yet another way to oppress women within society. 



Since this new law has been put in place in Texas, multiple impassioned protests have been held where people share their opinions on this new law. Protests were held in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Brownsville, El Paso and outside the Texas Capitol in Austin. In Washington/Austin Texas on October 2nd, thousands of people marched across the US in protest the abortion laws in Texas. 660 demonstrations around America were catalysed by the 6-week abortion ban signed by Governor Greg Abbott. This law is the most restrictive in the country. Kenya Martin said the law is ‘cruel and sure as hell not Christian’ and many people carried signs that read ‘bans off my body’ and ‘my body my choice’. 67-year-old university researcher Katy Allen said, ‘we are heading in the wrong direction’ and this law is ‘tyranny of the minority’.

However, about two dozen anti-abortion protestors showed up to this rally, saying they want everyone to ‘respect life’ and they believe that ‘the child in the womb is no less deserving of respect and dignity than you and me’.


Texas’s near total abortion ban has been blocked due to federal judge declaring that is a women's constitutional right to an abortion, however this fight is not over yet as this law could still be put into action and many clinics may refuse to carry out abortions. Every woman has a right to choose over what happens to their body and how their future is defined. This isn't about politics; this is about human rights.