Their back for the 3rd year running, who will you crown an ‘Of the Year’ winner?

 We are running a series of different themed competitions from now until the end of the year. Each time we ask you our readers to vote for your favourite. The place with the most votes at the end of the competition will be crowned the winner. All winning business receive a winner’s certificate for framing, a professionally printed outdoor or indoor vinyl banner and a prime spot winners’ story.

Starting this February, with the ‘Gym of the Year’ Don’t miss next weeks newspaper for a nomination form. The nomination closing date is Feb 14th and then voting begins on 24th for 2 weeks.

If you are a business and would like to stock our newspaper for the duration of the competition, please email with your name, number, newspaper title then a member of the team will call you to arrange.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

Just a few of our 2019 winners celebrating!

The plan for the rest of the year competitions is as follows:

APR & MAY - Pub of the Year

Nomination Form in Print: 6 - 10 Apr      

Nomination Stage Closes: 17-Apr              

Vote Form in Print: 27 Apr - 8 May

Voting Closes: 15-May

JUN & JUL - Garden Centre of the Year 

Nomination Form in Print: 8 - 12 Jun       

Nomination Stage Closes: 19-Jun              

Vote Form in Print: 29 Jun - 10 Jul            

Voting Closes: 17-Jul                                                                               

AUG & SEP - Chippy of the Year

Nomination Form in Print: 10 - 14 Aug   

Nomination Stage Closes: 21-Aug                             

Vote Form in Print: 31 Aug - 11 Sep         

Voting Closes: 18-Sep

OCT & NOV - Café of the Year   

Nomination Form in Print: 12 - 16 Oct    

Nomination Stage Closes: 23-Oct              

Vote Form in Print: 2 - 13 Nov   

Voting Closes: 20-Nov


Good Luck to all the business that take part in the 2020 competitions.