With the MLS (Major League Soccer) in America continuing to grow, Leyton Orient chairman Nigel Travis hopes the O's can play MLS friendlies in the future.

The Dunkin Donuts CEO has a close friendship with the owners of the New England Revolution and New England Patriots. 

With purpose built stadiums for football in the States coming in the near future, the 67-year-old is looking for fans to see the sport played over the pond and in the UK.

When asked how successful he thinks the sport is in America with the likes of Jay Simpson, David Beckham, Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard all having stints there he said:“Interestingly, Dunkin have an arrangement with Jay over there with the Philadelphia Union.

“Dunkin sponsors a lot of sports teams we sponsor the National Hockey League and the Women’s National Hockey League.

“So the MLS is definitely growing. I think as it grows there are going to have more purpose based stadiums.

“My good friend Johnathan Kraft who owns the New England Revolution as well as the New England Patriots along with Bob Kraft they are looking for a facility in the Boston area.

“It is growing at a fast rate, my wife is from Detroit there is going to be a team there. MLS I think has to be defined as incredibly successful.

“I’d like to think there can be more relationships between America and here. There is so much interest in soccer as they call it over there.

“Every week we see every Premier League game unlike here because they are not blacked out there as they are here.

“We see every game at home. I think you are going to see much closer relationships. The same has happened with the NFL there is four games now at Wembley every year.”

With speculation continuing to grow that there will be a NFL London team at some point, Travis believes the two countries will come together more.

He added: “Bob Kraft said this week there will be a London team.  I love American Football I use to watch NFL Europe.

“I think the two countries are going to come together and I think the MLS is getting better every year.

“I think there will be some kind of relationship established, I hope so. And certainly, one of the things I’d like to do with Leyton Orient is arrange some friendlies in the States.

“I think that could happen fairly quickly. Boston is only six hours away. I mean Boston is actually as close as Southern California to Boston.”