Ronnie O'Sullivan found another reason to be unimpressed after coming from 3-1 down to beat Yuan Sijun and reach the third round of the English Open in Crawley.

The Chigwell star had earlier reiterated his criticism of the K2 Leisure Centre venue, insisting it needed a "complete refurbishment" and adding: "Every day in Crawley is a day lost in my life."

After compiling breaks of 81, 84 and 87 to edge past his Chinese opponent, he turned his attention to the equipment following an incident midway through the match in which he failed to find a satisfactory extended rest.

O'Sullivan told Eurosport: "They probably didn't have it in the budget to go and get some decent rests. [I wanted] one that was straight.

"Then the ref wanted to send his mate out and I thought I'm not that bothered, just play the shot.

"I'd rather miss it than have him walking around the building eight times to try and find something."