Leyton Orient fans reveal a mixture of opinions regarding a potential takeover of their club.

Two potential buyers are reported to be interested in buying the club but owner Francesco Becchetti has slowed down the negotiations. 

The Italian took over E10 in 2014 from Barry Hearn and it has been a turbulent time with him at the helm.

Orient have endured two relegations in three seasons and will play non-league football for the first time in 112 years next season.

But that is not the only worry after initially been given a winding-up petition from HMRC, the club directors and creditors are back in court next Monday.

Becchetti has paid the initial HMRC bill but several people are still owed a substantial amount of money.

David Graham, from London, said: "I think we are right to be cautious. The last buyer had millions and look where he's taken us in three years.

"Caution is the word."

Simon Bernstein felt there were too many rumours for his liking and added: "I just want it resolved so I can move on. I want my club back.

"It would be ideal if the club made a statement on what is happening, good or bad. It would save my battery on my iPhone!

"The uncertainty is the most worrying thing."

Jack Baker-Merry stated: "Orient fans must learn from the last three years and not place complete trust in the first person who promises success.

"If we do we have learnt nothing from the Becchetti experience."

While others are remaining cautious, another has been more forthcoming about someone knew taking over the club.

"Personally I don't mind who it is as long as they have the club interests at heart," said Jaden Christy.

"Both LOFT (Leyton Orient Fans Trust) and OTF (Orient Transit Firm) are good groups to have and all they both want is the best for the club.

"It's at times like this when we all need to stick together. Let's hope for the best up the O's."

While it is not certain who will be in charge of the club next season, one thing is paramount that all the O's faithful remain as one heading into this difficult period.