As we approach Leyton Orient’s second high court date in a matter of three months, it seems more and more likely their future could be determined in a matter of days.

It has been a tough few months - and three years - for the O’s faithful as they suffered their second relegation along with a winding-up petition of their beloved club.

HMRC issued the initial petition on March 20 over what was believed to be an unpaid tax bill.

Owner Francesco Becchetti has paid off that debt - but others still hang in the balance.

Leyton Orient Fans Trust revealed they will “reluctantly” push for administration on behalf of the creditors at the Royal Courts of Justice in fours days’ time if it is deemed necessary.

Tom Davies, vice-chair of the trust, said: “Every option has to be explored.

“Administration does make it difficult as next season it will mean we have a points deduction and the cost of coming out of admin is high, “But there has to be a change of ownership as Becchetti still owns the club but is not running it. If it pushes it along then we will have to go for it.”

There were suggestions a deal could be in place ahead of the hearing next week from one potential buyer but at the time of going to press they were deemed “rumours”.

When asked by the East London Guardian Series if a sale could still go through Davies responded: “It is hard for us to say.

“We do not know what is said in sale discussions with Becchetti or what is going on in his mind.

“At the moment it looks as though it will go to the High Court.”

On March 20, the judge stated he would give the club a stay of execution to either sell the job or pay off their debts.

Becchetti also revealed, through a statement from CEO Alessandro Angeleri, he would put in a £1-million cash injection to pay off the remaining debts, but so far nothing has been put forward to suggest this has happened.

Liquidation is still a possibility and the judge could put Orient straight out of business.

“Creditors can object to the judge’s decision,” said the LOFT committee member.

“That is the worst option for the creditors as it means they would not get any of their money back.

“There could even be a possibility there could be another adjournment that a deal has not gone through before Monday but could well go through at a later date.

“We just have to wait and see what happens.”

Players, staff and fans are still in limbo as no season tickets and plans for next season have been made available.

The National League AGM is set to take place on Saturday, June 10 detailing the clubs who will play in their competition for the 2017-18 season.

Davies said: “Becchetti is still there in name, but he is not running the club.

“The staff and the players need to know what is going on, they need to know where they stand.”

Orient boss Omer Riza admitted the same recently, stating he had not spoken with the president and was unsure of the club’s plans.

However, he has been preparing pre-season friendlies and in discussion with potential players who could sign for the O’s as they prepare for their first season in non-league for 112 years.

It is still uncertain what Becchetti has planned for the east London club but LOFT have stated “they will prepare for eventuality to ensure Orient survives.”