Ross Embleton was told he was an “imposter” by Forest Green Rovers manager Mark Cooper. 

Embleton was sent to the stands in the 15th minute of the game, in the aftermath of Rovers’ opening goal, for reacting to Cooper’s comments. 

He said: “I got told I was an imposter in terms of being in and around the environment that I’m in. 

“It’s great because I’ve spent most of my life being an imposter. I didn’t play football, didn’t have a football career, and I’ve worked extremely hard to get myself to where I am and where I have been in my coaching career. 

“It’s a thing that’s been thrown at me quite regularly, which doesn’t affect me because I quite like it, it’s my thing. A lot of people don’t know my name, a lot of people don’t know who I am. 

 “I can accept that bit, but to follow it up with ‘who I do I think I am? Justin Edinburgh?’ is something that I’ll never accept."

Despite being on the receiving end of those comments, Embleton was apologetic for the way that he reacted. 

He said: “I have to apologise to everybody associated with the club, the fans, the players, for getting sent off because it obviously has an effect on the team and it shows a lack of discipline which I would never want my players to show. 

“At the same time, if there’s anybody out there that wants to try and get me sent off, use that phrase because for me it’s totally unacceptable. 

“I knew of Mark Cooper’s behaviour at times and the way that he approaches different people, today he's shown what he’s all about.”