Ross Embleton says he has no problem with those who do not want him in charge of Leyton Orient.

The boss, who was appointed as the permanent head coach at the start of January, has overseen a good run of form from his side in recent weeks.

Embleton was engaged in discussions with a fan after the 2-1 to Cheltenham Town on Saturday but handled it calmly before shaking hands and moving on.

Speaking to the club website after the game, Embleton said: “People pay their money and travel and I know there’s people that are not particularly keen on me and I’m fine with that. I’m getting used to people throwing criticism when we lose. It’d be nice to have a little more of a pat on the back and some praise when we win, I think that would be something that I and the players deserve.

“It’s not always of a negative nature that people can look at it from but like I say, I can understand that people probably don’t want me as manager of this football club and I fully embrace that challenge. Hopefully when I’m successful in time to come we can shake hands with those people and accept that.

“My only issue towards the end there was a guy was very aggressive. It was only one person, everybody else was very supportive, but my only request to anybody is when you’re not happy, I’m absolutely fine with that, but let’s just communicate like normal humans.

“I’m a normal person, I’m rational person, I’m as upset as everybody else that’s paid their good hard-earned money, I’ve travelled as far as everybody else has today and I am as disappointed, but at the same time I think I’d talk to people in a different nature and that’s all I was asking for. We shook hands and moved on.”

It’s been a challenging season off the pitch for Orient, particularly surrounding the position of head coach, after Embleton twice held the role in an interim capacity and there was also the short-lived appointment of Carl Fletcher.

Despite the regular upheaval, the boss feels that there has been no right or wrong way about it and that the club have done their best in a “surreal” situation.

He said: “This was always going to be the most ridiculous season for all of us because of the circumstances that we went through over the summer. Then, at the same time, we changed manager during the season and it was thrown up and down.

“I understand fully that I was part of that situation when a manager was brought in in the first place, I was part of the management team when Carl was here and I take all the responsibility that Carl did during that period as well as anything else because I was part of it and I was trying to do everything I could to help.

“Nobody could say the club have done it right or wrong, whether I did things right or wrong because there’s no script to say that is the right way to do it. All I feel is that I am now the permanent Leyton Orient head coach and since I’ve been put in that role my record is okay.

“At the same time, I feel as though there has been an up-turn in form. Unfortunately for me I’ve got an interim period that sits over the top of that in terms of games that I may have won and may have lost. I am the head coach and all I’m trying to focus on is there here and now.”