The EFL say there have been no further decisions made on what will happen to the rest of the 2019/20 season after it was suspended late last week.

Differing reports have suggested things from the season simply resuming when the time is right to it being declared null and void and starting again at 2020/21, but they have moved to clarify that nothing is certain yet.

In a statement, they said: “It is with that in the forefront of the league’s mind that it notes the intense speculation that has appeared across the local, national and international media over the weekend.

“Whilst the league and its board understand there is a strong desire from both the media and general public to understand what may happen next, there have, at this current time, been no decisions taken.

“The league also feels it inappropriate to respond to the many hypothetical solutions being suggested whilst the many unknowns remain. Given the fast-paced environment and parameters we are currently working within, it is simply not practical to give a running commentary on what may happen.”

EFL chair Rick Parry added: “These are indeed challenging times for the league, its clubs and the game as a whole. However, now is the time for cool heads and calm reflection, rather than speculation as we look to steer our competitions and clubs through this period of uncertainty.”