Ross Embleton says that the “season has got to be finished somewhere” in regard to the suspension of the EFL.

It is not yet know whether the current campaign will continue after it was suspended due to the Coronavirus outbreak, but the Leyton Orient boss feels it would be unfair on teams who have promotion or relegation chances to have it cut short.

He said: “If you look at the two spectrums in football terms, what happens to Leeds and what happens to Stevenage are probably the two things that I’ve looked at the most.

“Stevenage are mathematically capable of staying up, but are obviously in a very difficult position. Leeds are on the verge of the promised land. How do you make that away or how do you save someone when there are still points to play for? I wouldn’t like to have to make that decision on anyone’s terms.

“With just those two examples in mind, you almost think well the season has got to be finished somewhere.”

The EFL said in their statement last week that the current suspension is only until April 4, where, if the health situation has improved, the season will resume.

However, Embleton has doubts that it will be able to go ahead at that date.

He said: I don’t particularly see us playing again on April 4 because I don’t know how much is going to be resolved in that time. Then, where do you stop?

“The most sensible thing is to just go ‘right, let’s all stop now and do away with this season and start again next year’, but I’m in a position where there’s not really anything other than pride and a good end to season to play for, there’s nothing really at stake for me, so it’s an easy thing for me to just say it.

“If we were seventh or eighth in the league I’d be pulling my hair out at the moment. It’s a big of a surreal thing. I totally see all different angles to it, but we’re in an area where it’s not going to hurt us in terms of our league standing. If everything was stopped tomorrow and we just look towards next year, you could be waiting until August, and then what does it do to next year? It’s all very strange.”