Two sisters won gold for the Borough of Waltham Forest Swimming Club at the weekend in the second event of the Essex County Swimming Championships.

Emily and Isabel Iley came first in the 50m backstroke with the first individual gold being won by the youngest 12-year-old Isabel.

She saw off her competition in a time of 33.75 with team mates Neha Pillai and Stephanie Pagan finishing in 34.66 and 36.05 respectively.

Emily comfortably saw off her opposition in the girls 13-years event in a time of 30.69 and in the process achieved a British Record.

Her closest rival finishing in a time of 32.67.

Her fellow club member, Ella Remyn, was sixth as she clocked a time of 35.15.

Their elder sister, Jasmine, competed in two events at the championships and narrowly missed out on the top spot in the 100m backstroke.

She was second in the 16-years and over race as she finished in 1:06.73 with the winner finishing in 1:04.73.

She also competed in the 50m and finished sixth with a time of 31.84.

Along with Pillai the Iley girls, Jasmine and Emily, are also competing for the Top Girl trophy in their respective age categories.

Pillai finished first in the 50m breaststroke in 37.38 with Isabel coming in 12th with 43.92.

Former world champion Mark Foster presented the medals during the event, The final event will take place on February, Sunday 18 in Basildon.