Gator ABC hosted their annual dinner show last Friday at the Menzies Prince Regent Hotel in aid to raise more funds for the boxing club club.

The opening bout featured the debut of Marcus Bassi Junior as he took on P. Stokes of Dale Youth and he managed to outpoint his opponent.

Next up for Gator was schoolboy Kaizer Zyed who won a decision against S.Jones of Birchington.

This was followed by Kane Bassi beating J. Devlin representing Kettering.

Bobby Newman continued to impress as he took on J Wenham of Kemsing, winning the contest by applying constant pressure on his opponent and landing many scoring blows.

Aman Mohammed was the first Gator boxer to drop a close decision to J. St John of Moor lane.

The momentum was soon restored for the Hainault club as senior boxer Charlie Green continued to impress as he outpointed L.Law of Rosehill.

erad McDonagh was next up putting in a fine performance, landing clinical punches as he outpointed K.Penny of Birchington.

This contest was followed by a disappointing result, as Javir Sanger lost to a point decision at the hands of Folkestone's R. Hatton.

But the last contest of the night featured Jamal Berleen who continued to impress as he edged a closely fought battle against F. Goultar of Eltham.