A Loughton Wado-Kai Karate club founder has added another grading to his armour at Aldershot’s England Wado-Kai Karate-do annual summer course.

Jason Walton, 46, passed the ‘Third Dan’ in the sport at the event which took place over Bank Holiday weekend.

Walton took up karate at the age of 16 and has ventured into the other side by opening up his own club more than two years ago.

Speaking of his achievement and about his training school, he said: “I’ve been working for about a year towards this, training very hard, lots of extra courses travelling around the country doing different things. This is the pinnacle of my career.”

“The club has been running just over two years and is going from strength to strength. The club is not as big as others but it gives me more chance to help the children out.

“There are a few children who really stand out but every child learns at their own pace.”

Jason trains in his hometown Guildford and also travels to Aldershot twice a week with his sensei.

As well as gaining his third level over the weekend, Walton has also trained up as a European Karate Kata judge and is hoping this year is the year he qualifies as an official European judge.

A Third Dan consists of four hours intensive training on both the Saturday and the Sunday and then the grading itself.

Four students took part in the grading over the weekend where they all had to sit a three-page exam and then a 20-minute examination which includes kicking techniques, combinations, pair work, Kata and free fighting.

This takes place in front of three HI-Grade Dan Grades as well as a large audience of other students and parents.

Walton’s Loughton Wado-Kai Karate Club runs every Wednesday from 7pm-8pm at Roding Valley High School in the drama hut.

All beginners from ages six and above with the first session free. For more information visit www.loughtonwadokai.co.uk.