Denzel Williams delighted potential footballers of the future when he made a return to east London last Saturday.

The 18-year-old Blackpool player returned to Pro Star Academy at Wadham Lodge to hand out awards for the grass roots side.

Speaking about the event at Kitchener Road, the central defender said: “The day was really good. It was good to meet all the younger players and to let them see what they can do if they continue going.”

Having played at Wadham Lodge himself, the player was delighted to see the work of the founder of the academy, Damien Lewis.

Williams is signed with Sports Connoisseur Management, who say their core values include giving back to the community, and to continue to inspire others.

When asked how it felt to see the youngsters look up to him, he said: “They were happy to have seen someone go through the same thing as they have.

“Along with other players, I played at Wadham Lodge and it shows them they have a chance.”

Lewis was also delighted to have Williams attend the event and stated his players were “over the moon”.

He added: "Some of them were still talking about it in coaching sessions this week.

"They said to me we can do it coach! It was nice for him to come along.

"Denzel was down to earth and stayed for about an hour and a half. He took pictures, played some football and showed off his skills. All the kids were really happy."