Gator ABC enjoyed a successful day at the Junior ABA’s final last Sunday where they won a quadruple of national titles.

First up for the Hainault-based club was Carlton Forchin who, with some accurate jabs and well-timed backhands, effectively sealed his win in the first round against Taylor Rooney of Two Kings.

Next was Gerard McDonagh, and he initially appeared to be in trouble against Kettering’s Patrick McCann after landing very few shots and being caught by some powerful blows from his opponent.

In the second round, though, McDonagh came into his stride, slipping and spinning off the big shots and landing blows on the counter-attack, and a solid defensive performance in the third round wrapped up his third national title in as many years.

Javir Sanger also had to battle incredibly hard in his bout with New Addington’s Dylan Blyth, and both fighters were keen to obtain titles they had won in previous years.

This time around, it was Sanger who edged the three rounds, allowing him to retain his title and bring it back to Hainault.

Finally, Jamal Berleen put in a dominant performance against Finchley’s Jack Walsh to win his third successive title.

The only Gator fighter to not come up trumps was Donte Decosta, who narrowly lost to a vastly more experienced opponent, Patrick Casey of Finchley.