Over 30 athletes from East London Runners took part in the Vitality Big Half on Sunday.

The London event, which goes east along the River Thames from London Bridge towards Bermondsey, Rotherhithe and Greenwich, had well over 15,000 participants overall.

Stuart Kelly was the first to cross for ELR, finishing in a time of 1:17.32 and placing 281st. He was closely followed by Joseph Gunn (1:20.24 pb, 445th), John Henry (1:20.39, 460th) and Jagbir Bassi (1:26.02, 876th).

Thomas Burrard-Lucas then finished with a personal best time of 1:27.05, as did Jacob Stevens in 1:30.26, and they placed 972nd and 1383rd overall.

Shahib Miah Ali followed closely behind in 1:31.34 (1495th), with Neil Gage (1:33.20, 1706th), Karan Gadhia (1:33.20, 1712th), Paula Bedford (1:38.45, 2609th) and Rohan Allen (1:43.55, 3696th) following them.

Daniel Peters was next across for ELR, timing 1:46.25 and placing 4231st, and Sergio Chaves followed him with a personal best 1:50.23, which earned him 5223rd place.

Sheetal Dandgey then followed three seconds later in 1:50.26, coming 5235th, and coming afterwards were Annette Clark (1:54.26, 6292nd), Martin Quinlan (1:57.31, 7210th), Richard Potter (1:57.40, 7248th) and Anne-Marie Kennedy (1:58.23, 7457th).

Joanna Neville and Andrea Waller were the next to finish for ELR, placing 7617th (1:59.11) and 7724th (1:59.22) respectively, and they were followed by Abdirahman Adan (1:59.51, 7867th), Marcela Vasques (2:00.30, 8048th), Catherine Brett (2:05.53 pb, 9075th), Jayne Browne (2:06.44, 9442nd) and Denys Vuika (2.07:40 pb, 9629th).

Also securing personal bests were Isabella Allen (2.07.52, 9668th) and Gail Edwards (2:11.35, 10489th), and they were followed by Jocelyn Summers (2:17.15), Manjit Singh (2:19.24, 11954th) and Rakesh Sandhu (2:19.24, 11956th).

Finally, Jane Clapton finished in a time of 2:22.23, placing 12474th, Sophie Edwards followed in 2:24.53 and Deva Payaniandy and Samia Choudhury finished in 2:48.04 (14912th) and 3:10.37 (15608th) respectively.

The club also had plenty of representation at the Essex 20m Road Race in Rochford on Sunday.

Patrick Brown finished in 41st overall with a personal best time of 2:02.26, and he followed by Jose Rodriguez a place behind in a time of 2:02.28.

Paul Quinton was the next to cross, sealing a 2:05.05 personal best time and coming 54th, and he was followed soon after by Billy Rayner (2:17.31, 109th), Jimmy Dale (2:24.32, 135th) and James Nichols (2:24.42, 137th).

Peter Hatley was the next across for ELR, finishing 177th overall in a time of 2:36.47, and Calvin Bobin finished less than a minute later in 2:37.17 (181st).

Nick Hoult followed in a time of 2:38.05 (182nd), and shortly after were Caroline Frith (2:44.09, 209th), Chloe Millan (2:56.50, 256th) and Catriona Hoult (3:11.29, 289th).

Finally, Katherine Harris’s time of 3:17.14 earned her 308th place, Jason Levy and Marc Akers timed 3:36.01 (338th) and 3:57.06 (342nd) respectively, and Alice Barrett placed 343rd with a time of 3:57.09.

Elsewhere, Louis and Rachel Le Roux were present at the Cambridge Classic Sportive Cycle Ride, where Louis timed 5:08.55 and Rachel record a time of 3:36.49.

At Saturday’s Velopark Half Marathon, Clive Stephenson came 60th with a time of 1:48.03 and Grace Barrett timed 2:14.32, which earned her 120th place, while in the 10km event Janet Bywater came 52nd with a time of 52.17.

Finally, John Henry placed 29th at the Serpentine event on Friday in a time of 17.50, whole Sallyann Eyles was 224th with 29.58, and Maud Hodson came 25th at last Wednesday’s Marathon Day Marathon with a time of 4:07.10.