REPORTED Tottenham target Diego Milito has revealed his reasons behind snubbing the Lillywhites and joining former side Genoa.

Milito was hugely popular with the Argentinian side during his first spell with the club and the 29-year-old revealed that when he left in 2005 to join Real Zaragoza he always had his mind set on a move back to Genoa at some point in the future.

"When I left three years ago, I said it was an ‘arrivederci’ and not a goodbye because I wanted to return. This is my home.

"I only wanted Genoa and refused to accept other destinations," he revealed.

"I stood up to the club that wanted me to join Tottenham, I banged my fists on the table to wear the Genoa jersey again.

"I hope to score at least 15 goals this season, but Genoa have so many quality players that I’m sure we’ll all get to share the celebrations."

And after receiving a heroes welcome when returning to the club, Milito described the move back to his former employers as a dream come true.

"I understood that I made the right decision. These are my people," grinned the striker.

"I have had important players in my side before, but he is the greatest and also the best investment. This is a dream come true.

"It is also a way of bringing the past full circle and in that sense I have done my duty as President. Let’s just say the boys are back in town and the games can begin."