A game smokery established more than 30 years ago is to cease trading.

Rannoch Smokery in Perthshire said it will close on Wednesday following years of difficult trading conditions.

The firm was started in the 1980s by Leo Barclay, who later handed it over to his son Richard.

In a statement issued through a community newsletter, the company said: “It is with great sadness that after 32 years, Rannoch Smokery will close as of  16th January 2019.

“Trading has been difficult for a number of years, during which time we have subsidised the business to ensure employment in Rannoch.

“However, in the current economic climate with increasing supplier costs and decreasing revenue streams, we have no alternative but to cease trading.

“Many thanks for all the hard work from our employees over the years and the support from the community.”

Local MSP John Swinney said he has spoken to the company and is saddened by the news.

He said: “Rannoch Smokery has been a fantastic business over the years and has built up a huge reputational strength based on the quality of produce in the Rannoch area.

“I am desperately saddened that the business is unable to carry on and pay tribute to the Barclay family who have given such commitment, investment and leadership to the company since its foundation.

“I have spoken to the company immediately on hearing the news this morning and offered my assistance to anyone affected by the closure announcement.”