Search for WWII bomber crash victim relatives

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: The scene of the crash at Harrow Green School in 1942.

1:37pm Wednesday 9th April 2014

Relatives of 11 people who died when a bomber crashed in a Leytonstone street during World War II may still live nearby, an amateur historian believes.

Debden writer uncovers grandfather’s World War Two memoir

12:45pm Friday 4th April 2014

The memoir of a World War Two nurse has been uncovered after his grandson found it hidden in an attic suitcase.

Workhouse to NHS: A history of St Margaret's Hospital

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Ward in 1948

7:00am Tuesday 1st April 2014

St Margaret's Hospital began as a workhouse in 1838.

Town's historical figures to be commemorated

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Famous Masons include Sir Winston Churchill

3:00pm Monday 24th March 2014

Historian set to be honoured with blue plaque

Warship's crew to be remembered

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: HMS Sickle

7:00am Friday 21st March 2014

HMS Sickle, partly funded by the people of Epping, was sunk in 1944 with the loss of all crew

Reissue of 1894 booklet celebrates history of Wanstead Park

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: "View of Wanstead House on Epping Forest; The seat of the Earl of Tilney"

12:32pm Thursday 6th March 2014

A community group has reissued a booklet first published in 1894 to celebrate the history of what it describes as of one of England’s most celebrated and influential gardens.

WWI letters go under the hammer

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Letters and sketches from WWI

12:10pm Tuesday 25th February 2014

A giraffe has also featured in the lots auctioned by Boningtons

Walthamstow man's memoirs paint vivid picture of life at the turn of the 20th century

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Two boys of the same age as Arthur Spencer photographed outside their home in Chelmsford Road, near Longfellow Road, about 1911.

3:37pm Monday 17th February 2014

A Walthamstow man’s memoirs reveal much about life in the area at the turn of the 20th century, but the story of the writer himself is an unfinished tale.

A Walthamstow studio's role in one of the most iconic singles of the 90s

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Owner Brian O'Shaughnessy with music epuipment

3:03pm Monday 27th January 2014

Bark Studio has been used by Indie icons Primal Scream and My Bloody Valentine.

'Half a million' cheer Queen's visit to Epping Forest

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: A photo of the arch at Chingford station.

4:06pm Monday 20th January 2014

Queen Victoria , during a ceremonial visit on Saturday May 6 1882, accompanied by her son Arthur, Duke of Connaught and daughter Louise, dedicated Epping Forest to “the use and enjoyment of my people for all time”.

HISTORY: The 'secret factory' underground

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Factory workers inside Wanstead tube station

2:21pm Tuesday 14th January 2014

During the Second World War, London Underground stations were commonly used as air raid shelters, allowing around 170,000 Londoners a night to shelter from bombs on station platforms.

Reward offered to locate 'beautiful' grand gates

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Copped Hall gates

3:51pm Tuesday 7th January 2014

Mystery surrounds whereabouts of sold-off Copped Hall gates.

Lawrence of Arabia and a 'hidden gem' of Essex history

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Colonel Thomas Edward Lawrence, Lawrence of Arabia

11:48am Monday 23rd December 2013

The adventurous life of Colonel Thomas Edward Lawrence, better known as Lawrence of Arabia, was powerfully portrayed in film by the late Irish Actor, Peter O’ Toole.

1930s memorabilia sheds light on history of football club

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Baldwyn Athletic Football Club circa 1938

4:45pm Friday 6th December 2013

A 92-year-old war veteran looks back on his time at an amateur football club

Museum reveals historic snaps

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Winston Churchill in 1935

1:51pm Wednesday 4th December 2013

Collection includes Winston Churchill addressing Epping crowds after election victory.

HISTORY: Walthamstow's toy heritage

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Mrs Olive Heales at work at Wells Brimtoy Factory in 1947

3:56pm Wednesday 27th November 2013

An exhibition at Vestry House Museum highlights the history of toy manufacturing in Waltham Forest.

Chingford pilot was Red Baron's 'second victim'

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: A Martinsyde G100.

8:00am Tuesday 12th November 2013

A Chingford pilot was the second victim of the infamous Red Baron, according to a local historian.

History: Iconic Wanstead Police Station sold after 127 years

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: The former Wanstead Police Station has been sold and boarded up

1:34pm Monday 11th November 2013

Until its closure in September, Wanstead Police Station was the only London police station left to still have its famous blue lamp outside.

First remembrance recollected

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Celebrations in front of the Victoria Buildings in Epping High Street 1919

11:27am Monday 4th November 2013

Recalling Epping's first remembrance service

Behind the Wire: Wanstead's forgotten home to prisoners of war

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Aerial photograph of Jubilee Pond (to the left) and what are thought to be tents to the right of it

3:26pm Tuesday 22nd October 2013

A local history group has found strong evidence of the existence of prisoner of war camps in Wanstead during WWII, despite there being no official documentation.

Churches reveal big changes in Victorian Walthamstow

3:40pm Thursday 17th October 2013

Church building marked a time of great change.

History Feature: The fall and rise of Chingford's All Saints Church

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: All Saints Church was abandoned and derelict at the time of this photo, taken in the early 20th century. Courtesy of Gary Stone.

10:50am Tuesday 10th September 2013

All Saints in Chingford is one of the oldest churches in London but in the 1800s it lay abandoned and derelict. DANIEL BINNS explores its chequered history.

History Feature: Was Leyton once the site of a Roman military base?

3:00pm Friday 9th August 2013

Could Leyton once have been the site of a crucial linchpin in the Roman Empire's occupation of Britain? DANIEL BINNS finds out more.

History Feature: The fossils of Redbridge

4:31pm Thursday 18th July 2013

Hundreds of thousands of years ago woolly mammoths, rhinos and lions roamed Redbridge. Reporter DANIEL BINNS digs deeper to find out more

Respite break charity celebrates golden jubilee at site of original centre

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Staff celebrating Vitalise's 50th anniversary

2:49pm Tuesday 9th July 2013

A charity that provides breaks for disabled people and carers is celebrating its Golden Jubilee anniversary today.

Wartime photographs and diary challenge perceptions

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Fred and Daisy James in their air raid warden uniforms

5:44pm Thursday 27th June 2013

Photographs and diary entries by an unconventional couple provide a unique insight into life in the London suburbs during The Blitz. JOE CURTIS find out how the display challenges assumptions about attitudes at the time.

FEATURE: The Legion branch celebrated after six-year research

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: John Duffell

2:31pm Thursday 20th June 2013

A Royal British Legion branch secretary has spent six years researching his group's 84-year history – and his work is finally set to go on display next week. Reporter DANIEL BINNS finds out more.

Head teacher's 100th novel explores period before death of King Henry VIII

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Paul Doherty with copies of The Last of Days

12:35pm Friday 7th June 2013

A head teacher who has published his 100th novel has spoken about the research behind the book, which tells a dark tale of the period before the death of King Henry VIII.

Love letters shine a light on 1930s life

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Meg Jones before her marriage to Charles Smith

11:14am Tuesday 21st May 2013

A dusty box of love letters bought for £25 in a Hainault auction house are shedding a romantic light on the 1930s.

Guardians from 1945 give insight into post-war life

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Saint Francis Hospice shop staff Antony Murphy, Jane Kemp, Rick Read and Charlotte Jones with the historic copies of the Guardian from 1945.

4:16pm Monday 13th May 2013

Staff at a charity shop have uncovered a fascinating snapshot of life in north east London and west Essex in 1945 after discovering original copies of the Guardian series of newspapers.

Mechanic's old photos shed light on high street's history

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: The High Road in the 1960s

3:26pm Tuesday 30th April 2013

A mechanic’s old photos of a high street have shed light on the area in better times, when it was a thriving thoroughfare full of shoppers and life.

Stained glass that survived plague and bomb blast restored

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: One of the pieces of stained glass during restoration

1:47pm Monday 22nd April 2013

Stained glass windows that stayed intact through plague and a bomb blast have been painstakingly restored after fundraising by a church congregation.

History Feature - The Walthamstow Penny

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Former site of the British Copper Company mill on Walthamstow Marshes.

10:42am Monday 15th April 2013

Reporter DANIEL BINNS finds out about Walthamstow's tradition of making its own currency.

HISTORY: A family's bravery, loss and civic pride

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Henry Allpass junior

4:10pm Friday 22nd March 2013

The Chingford War Memorial twice displays the name of one family well known locally in the early twentieth century. MELANIE ATTLESEY looks at how the head of the Allpass family played an important role in the history of education in Walthamstow, while two of his sons made the ultimate sacrifice for their country in the Great War.

Metropolitan Essex examined in new book

12:03pm Monday 25th February 2013

A new book examining the changing face of West Essex and East London over the last two thousand years is published this March.

History Feature: Walthamstow - The birthplace of soft toilet paper

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: An Andrex advert from July 1954. Courtesy of

5:30pm Tuesday 19th February 2013

Walthamstow is home of the British car and site of the country's first plane flight. But the birthplace of soft toilet paper is perhaps its crowning achievement. Reporter DANIEL BINNS gets to the bottom of the story.

A legal battle for public access to green spaces pitched common people against the power of 19th century privilege

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: William Long-Wellesley

10:20am Thursday 7th February 2013

Almost 200 years have passed since residents living in Wanstead won a landmark legal case to keep their treasured park open to the public. Melanie Attlesey found out more and spoke to the historian who researched the pivotal case.

The man who promoted equality while shaping the beautiful game

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Charles Alcock

4:52pm Thursday 31st January 2013

This year marks 150 years of the Football Association and a landmark in the development of a sport now followed by billions around the globe. Joe Curtis looks back at the contribution of a Chingford resident who played a pivotal role in shaping the modern game.

More of the area's great and good to be commemorated by blue plaques

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Chris Pond, the chairman of the Loughton Historical Society

1:22pm Thursday 17th January 2013

The news that English Heritage is scaling down its installation of blue plaques has been greeted with dismay by history buffs and tourists alike. But as DOMINIC SUTTON discovered, news of their demise has been greatly exaggerated.

The eastward expansion of the Tube's tentacles

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Central Line Tube trains at Leyton

2:11pm Friday 11th January 2013

The Tube is 150 years old this month. But, as reporter DANIEL BINNS discovered, it took many more years after the 1860s for its tentacles to reach east London and Essex.

Swindler MP behind unusual mix of homes

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Jabez Balfour

12:18pm Saturday 5th January 2013

A swindling MP and property developer who conned ordinary working people in Chingford is partly responsible for the area's unusual mix of Victorian and Edwardian housing, a historian has discovered.

HISTORY: Memories of Woodford collected in book to mark historical society's 80th anniversary

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Woodford - 80 Years of Memories

1:12pm Thursday 27th December 2012

MEMORIES of Woodford spanning the last 80 years have been collected to commemorate a historical society’s 80th anniversary, Melanie Attlesey found out more.

Bearman's department store remembered

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Bearman's department store in 1905

12:02pm Monday 17th December 2012

AS the famous Bearman's department store is marked with a commemorative blue plaque, JOE CURTIS takes a look at the man who brought the West End shopping experience to Leytonstone.

Writer uncovers forgotten story of minister's son whose saucy novel found worldwide fame

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Jack Jones, from his Friends' Ambulance Unit ID card

4:32pm Thursday 6th December 2012

A WRITER has uncovered the little-known story of a minister’s son who found worldwide fame with a novel set in the raunchy Bangkok dance halls of the fifties – before vanishing into obscurity.

Diaries of Battle of Britain hero revealed

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: George Barclay

10:23am Friday 30th November 2012

THE remarkable diaries of a Second World War fighter pilot who flew out of North Weald during the Battle of Britain are revealed in a new book, 'Battle of Britain Pilot: The Self-portrait of an RAF pilot and escaper'.

HISTORY: Death from above - airships in World War One

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: An artist's impression of an attack on a German airship over London during World War One.

2:55pm Monday 26th November 2012

LONG before the planes of the Blitz terrorised residents of east London, it was airships that brought fear from above during World War One. DANIEL BINNS finds out more.

Hundreds of pictures capture changing face of school life

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: Pupils perform A Midsummer Night's Dream in 1952/1953

4:04pm Thursday 15th November 2012

HUNDREDS of photographs gathered together for the first time give a decade-by-decade snapshot of high school life.

Photographs from past and present displayed in new book

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: One of the oldest pictures in the book - Loughton's first railway station

4:36pm Thursday 8th November 2012

The Loughton and District Historical Society was formed 50 years ago this year and to mark the anniversary it has collected 150 pictures from its archive which show how some things have changed and some things have stayed the same in the town.

Walthamstow Stadium - Waltham Forest's landmark

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: WALTHAMSTOW: Council 'wrongly withheld Walthamstow Stadium viability figures'

12:30pm Friday 2nd November 2012

WALTHAMSTOW Stadium stands, at the moment, in silence.

HISTORY: The First World War reported. A look back at the West Essex Gazette

East London and West Essex Guardian Series: John Duffell beside Epping War Memorial

2:42pm Thursday 18th October 2012

THE unfolding horror of the First World War is explored in a new project which charts the impact of the conflict on Epping through the pages of the West Essex Gazette.

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