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Paul Donovan says we need to put pressure on politicians to do something about climate change. Photo: Pixabay/UGC
Cllr Paul Donovan thinks West Ham manager David Moyes needs to be given the money to strengthen his squad
Around 5 million adults over the age of 18 have not been vaccinated at all. Photos: UGC/Pixabay
Paul Donovan says we have to look forward to a better year in 2021. Photos: PA/Pixabay/UGC
Paul Donovan asks how much more capacity the NHS might have if it had not been underfunded
Paul Donovan has been campaigning about Wanstead Park since this photo was taken in 2016. EL88416_4
Paul Donovan says Redbridge should try much harder to create a greener place to live. Photo: Pixabay, UGC
Black footballers like Laurie Cunningham, Cyrille Regis and Clyde Banks are celebrated in Football's Black Pioneers by Bill Hern and David Gleave
Paul Donovan believes Christchurch Green grow zone is an excellent way to boost biodiversity
Marcus Rashford won a U-turn from the Government over free school meals during the Christmas holidays, but Paul Donovan says too many families are living in poverty. Photos: PA, UGC