Brett Ellis

Brett Ellis is a teacher who lives in London Colney

Brett Ellis is a teacher who lives in London Colney

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The end of free speech led to Brexit, and this election

Of all the freedoms we supposedly enjoy, freedom of speech is now well and truly dead. Opinion has either been watered down to such an extent that the only way to get a message across is via mob mentality, where protests are undertaken to no one in particular (Extinction Rebellion) or you are quickly demonised as either far left or far right should you dare to avoid splinters from sitting astride the fence. There is no ambiguity anymore and we are branded as ‘extreme’ if we dare to have an o

Ba-ha! Humbug - Norwegian pop star's Christmas album strikes wrong note

Sure as night follows day, it is coming. The goose is getting fat (as if it was svelte by default). Supermarkets are going ballistic, embracing crazy season as they pounce on the potential to improve the bottom line prior to the year end, and we become indebted so little Jay can have the PS4 super slim that he has ‘always’ dreamed of.

The 1980s - when childhood was fun but lethal

My kids are getting bored of the cliched ‘when I was young, we…’ conversation starter. I am at serious risk of developing boringblokeitus as I explain how, even if it wasn’t ‘better’ per se in my day, life was certainly a lot more fun.

Don't you wish you could be as arrogant as Lewis Hamilton or Liam Gallagher?

Lewis Hamilton is oft misjudged. To many, such as me, he is one of the greatest grand prix drivers who has ever pressed pedal to metal. To others he is arrogant, a cocky upstart, splashing his wealth with a smug grin as he pampers his ego and physical being to the nth degree. He looks to be truly in love with one person only and that is himself. I know those who froth at the mouth at the mere mention of his name, yet, objectively, I cannot shake off the feeling that their disdain may be more to