All the judges said yes but they’ve only been together three months – what did you think of The X Factor audition by New Dynamixx at the weekend?

I spoke to one of the singers, Izzy Lock, 23, from Chingford, to find out more about the band’s story and it took me a little by surprise.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

It turns out Izzy, who went to Braeside Prep and then Chigwell School in Essex, “did X Factor” in 2015 with girl band Mon Amie, which resulted in the group touring with R&B star Jason Donovan.

The group made it through the auditions, got through ‘judge’s houses’ and reached the final stage before the live shows, the six chair challenge.

The girl band initially managed to secure one of the six seats that would take them through to the next round but they lost it to another act at the last moment.

Izzy says “unfortunately things didn't work out and we went our separate ways.” However, still working with Universal Talent Group meant her chances weren’t over and she was placed in the new band by her management just three months ago.

She explains: “My managers knew I always wanted to be part of a band and ran the idea of a mixed gender band past me and I thought it sounded amazing as there is a gap in the market.

“They organised auditions and even let me sit on the panel and I felt like Simon Cowell. We finally found these four amazing people and from day one we got along like we'd known each other forever.”

The band are yet to write any of their music, blaming a busy few months, but Izzy has high hopes.

“If we wrote an album, every single person on the planet would like it because every song would be a different sound. We have so many different influences within the band from African vibes to Jamaican to musical theatre to pop - we all have different styles we like and all have different voices- but it works!”

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

Despite having been through the process before and touring with the American celebrity singer, Izzy still describes this year’s audition as “absolutely crazy”.

“Doing X factor is like going on an emotional rollercoaster - a really, really fast crazy one. You go from scared to excited to emotional so quickly. I myself can't even believe I'm singing in front the most famous man in music, then he actually likes you!

“We got the opportunity to audition for X factor and immediately said yes. With me it feels like your dream everything you every wanted is right in front of you and each part of X factor is a stepping stone as you’re getting closer and closer each time. When I want something I will not give up until I get there! Taking part in X factor is probably the most exciting thing I have ever done - one to tell the grandkids.”

Before she does that, there’s work to be done to make it through the auditions and into the music industry but it seems things are already on the move.

“Since we aired our social media has been popping off,” she tells me. “We've even got fans who call themselves 'dynamites'.

“It's madness we go from being this band no one knew of to having fans all over the UK, Canada and even America. We're still working on the X factor so keep tuning in every Saturday because it's not over yet.”