This month A People’s History of Walthamstow has been published by James Diamond, an author from the area.

Walthamstow is famous as the home of William Morris, a dog track, and the boy band E17. It’s also been home to communities of people for more than 3,000 years. This people’s history tells the unique story of Walthamstow from its earliest Iron Age settlements, to Saxon village, medieval manor, agricultural community, railway boomtown of the Victorians, and today’s trendy neighbourhood in the metropolis.

The rise of Walthamstow is told from the perspective of the people who have lived here over the years and includes a variety of characters who helped to shape the place which is known around the world today.

Their story is told using primary sources, photographs, illustrations and pictures, which bring to life how they have lived, worked and struggled over the years.

James trained as a journalist and went on to work for national newspapers, including The Observer and Daily Mirror. Since leaving the newspaper industry he has worked in the government in London as a press officer. Hid undergraduate degree was in history and cultural studies and he has a masters in economic and social history.

A People’s History of Walthamstow has been published by The History Press.