Essex Police have begun a crackdown on inconsiderate drivers after a van was filmed trying to bully a police car into speeding, on the M25, Epping.

Operation Safeway was prompted after the driver was recorded tailgating the unmarked police car, in the outside lane of the motorway.

The driver took both hands off of the wheel to gesture to the police car and flashed his lights, whilst he drove within a foot of the rear of the plain car, at 70 mph.

Police say that they are going to be travelling around the county, to try and spot drivers who are putting innocent lives at risk, through bullying and careless driving.

Sgt Simon Willsher of the Essex Police Casualty Reduction Unit said:” "We will be looking at drivers whose driving is not up the standard expected of a competent full licence holder.

“This could include impatience at junctions, undertaking and any other situation where a driver or rider may be inconvenienced or placed at risk by the behaviour of another driver.

"By using cars and motorbikes with video recording equipment we can speed up the court process and it may not be necessary for officers to go to court for cases that are contested.”

Operation Safeway, which began in Epping, will run alongside other road safety campaigns currently being carried out in the county, such as No Excuses.

Adam Pipe, Essex Police’s Casualty Reduction Manager, said that careless and inconsiderate driving is a big issue in the area.

He said: “We are receiving increasing numbers of complaints and concerns in relation to poor driving behaviour.

"Poor driving behaviour features as a factor within many road traffic collisions which all too often leads to fatal or serious injuries.

“This behaviour can also lead to minor collisions that can serious delays and disruption to busy main routes such as the A12, A13 and M25 and M11.”