A father of two has given up a successful career in television to dedicate his time to promoting beers brewed locally.

Dan Clapton, 44, of Reydon Avenue, Wanstead, has worked as a producer on shows such as Channel 4’s Coach Trip and ITV1’s Britain’s Best Bakery.

But he has given it all up to follow his passion and has set up his own business called The Wanstead Tap.

Mr Clapton will sell beer brewed by around 15 local brewers at farmer’s markets across the region and hopes to one day open a specialist shop.

He said: "In a nut shell, I like beer and I like farmer’s markets.

"I was spending day and night in production suites and I thought there has got to be more to life than that.

"I wanted a change in career and to do something more interesting.

"Most people buy a red Ferrari when they hit my age; I just want to sell beer to people.

"There is a whole cluster of people out there who have given up their jobs to make beer and in some ways it is quite romantic.

"I am already in danger of becoming a beer bore to people, asking people if they have tried this and that and telling them all about the different types of beer.

"It is really exciting and I can’t wait to get started."

All of the beers Mr Clapton hopes to sell are brewed in close proximity to Wanstead.

The list includes bottles from the East London Brewing Company in Lammas Road, Leyton, an American pale ale from the Beavertown Brewery in Downham Road, Hackney, and beer called ‘Love Not War’ from the London Fields Brewery in Warburton Street, Hackney.

The beer was inspired by the London Riots and is a dark bitter.

Mr Clapton will launch his business on April 7 at the farmer’s market in High Street, Wanstead.