A protected field could be rented out for weekly prayer meetings and car boot sales, according to the developer who owns it.

Dalbir Singh Sanger of Dalco Developments says he is in negotiations with several companies over renting out the Evergreen Field in High Street, Wanstead.

He said: “We are talking to a company who want to erect a temporary marquee and hold community prayer meetings and weddings on the site.

“We are also negotiating with people about the possibility of holding a market or a car boot sale there.”

Mr Singh Sanger says prayer services and weddings would be held in a marquee 30 times a year with a market taking place 14 times a year.

Yesterday workers arrived at the field and erected black tarpaulin around the perimeter fence.

Mr Singh Sanger said: “That has nothing to do with any work, we just put that up to stop people dumping their rubbish in the field.”

Mr Singh Sanger has previously suggested building a housing estate on the land and at one stage claimed to be in negotiations with a buyer who wanted to build a mosque there.

But Redbridge Council has said that any large-scale development of the site, which is in a conservation area, would contravene its policy on green spaces.

While they do not own the site, community group the Wanstead Society have had an application to open up the protected space to the public approved by Redbridge council.

Geoff Horsnell of the Wanstead Society said: “Dalco could in theory erect a temporary structure there for a total of 28 days a year – which is one of the conditions of the application granted to us.

“To be able to use the site for these temporary events though, they would have to cut the grass and landscape the site because at the moment it is too uneven to let the public in.

“Then Redbridge council would need to perform health and safety checks and finally Dalco would have to apply for public liability insurance.

“I don’t believe any of that will happen. This sounds like more nonsense from them.”