A fine issued to a driver who parked one wheel slightly outside a bay as she helped her disabled friend was justified, according to Redbridge Council.

Earlier this week the Guardian reported on the case of Marion Baker, who was fined £62 on Monday afternoon in Croft Lodge Close, Woodford Green, while helping 82-year-old Alfred Parker - despite displaying a blue badge.

Cars are allowed to park in bays which partly go onto the pavement in the road.

But there is a general ban on parking between 2pm and 3pm in an attempt to deter commuters.

Ms Baker was fined at 2.20pm and it was thought that the traffic warden had failed to take her blue badge into account.

However, in a statement today the authority implied the ticket had been issued because the wheel was outside the bay.

A council spokesman said: "This ticket has been appealed and as such the council is limited as to what it can say on the matter.

"However, we would point out that the car was ticketed as it was not parked fully within the parking bay, the display of a disabled badge does not offer exemption from this offence.

"We would remind motorists who wish to park in bays that the car needs to be within the bay to ensure that neither the road or the footway is obstructed."

Ms Baker, of nearby Charteris Road, said the warden had still been over-zealous and branded the council's position "ridiculous".

A date for the appeal is yet to be set.