Locally grown fruit is being turned into jams, drinks, oils and vinegars, by residents attending E17 Fruit Bag events.

The Blackhorse Action Group (BAG) residents' association set up the E17 Fruit Bag project back in April by getting residents at the Grange to plant different fruit trees.

Later this year the group will plant trees at five or six more sites across Walthamstow.

The 'E17 Fruit Bag' project aims to educate residents about planting and cultivation of fruit trees, as well as how to prepare and preserve their bounty for eating.

Now they are putting on free sessions for Walthamstow residents to make food and drinks out of locally grown fruit.

Last month, a group of residents made jam and this month they are running a workshop on making drinks, oils and vinegars from local fruit.

There will be a special talk on the art of wine and beer-making from Peter Robinson, Chair of the National Association of Wine and Beer-makers, a seasoned home-brewer himself.

After being guided through the process of making their own beer and wine, participants will learn how to make spiced wine, flavoured oils and apple vinegar.

This free event will run from 11.30 – 1.00pm on Saturday August 17 at The Mill, Coppermill Lane, Walthamstow.

There are only 18 spaces available so arrive early if you want to have a go.

For information about Saturday's event or the E17 fruit bag project, email fruit@blackhorseactiongroup.org.uk or see their blog at E17fruit.wordpress.com