Residents annoyed about the number of commuters parking in their road claim there is a possible solution.

Commuters are parking in Allnutts Road, Epping, from as early as 6am to access nearby Epping Tube station.

Poorly parked cars are there well into the evening and residents claim on one occasion a car was left while the owner went on holiday.

Debbie Steward, 47, who lives in the road, feels the problem needs to be addressed, but has sympathy for commuters.

She said:”It’s not just about Allnutts Road, it’s the bigger picture. The answer to the problem has got be finding these people somewhere affordable to park.”

“I think there should be a park-and-ride from North Weald Airfield, which has a big car park.”

As well as the airfield, which is three-and-a-half miles from the station, Miss Steward also suggested land in nearby Bower Hill could be converted into a car park.

She said: “The problem has got a lot worse since the long-stay parking was reduced in the car parks at the top of the hill, in Bakers Lane and Cottis Lane."

“I think £3 a day is affordable and it would make money rather than having people park on residential streets.”

Residents of Allnutts Road Charles Street, Crossing Road and Warren Field will meet Epping Forest MP Eleanor Laing next Friday to speak about the issue.