A man with a van is helping residents keep their new year’s fitness resolutions.

David Hogg, who runs Hogg’s fitness and First Aid, trains many of his clients in his mobile gym, a fully kitted out, long wheel based, high roofed, Ford Transit.

The unusual arrangement has been in place since March last year and is unique in Epping Forest.

Mr Hogg said: “I started out with just a normal small van but as I got more clients and equipment I needed something a little bigger.

“Before this van I had a short wheel based Renault Master and I tried training some friends and family in it but it wasn’t high enough.

“That’s when I realised I needed to get a bigger van with a high roof.”

The van gives him the space to train as well as enabling him to carry enough equipment to kit out community or school halls for group classes.

The 35-year-old said: “Some customers are a bit surprised when they first see it but they forget it’s a van after a while.

“We have a laugh and a giggle about it and they tell their friends they work out in the back of a van which always gets a funny reaction.

“It’s just another space you can train in and I can use it whatever the weather which is why it’s so useful.”

Mr Hogg started his career in 2005 working in gyms run by Epping Forest District and has also presented a programme for Sky television’s fitness channel.

Mr Hogg has also produced a DVD of exercises which can all be done from a chair as part of a Big Lottery funded initiative to encourage fitness for elderly people.

To collect a free copy you can contact him on 07734 298 235.


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