There are calls for the speed limit to be lowered on a stretch of road where the first cyclist in London was killed this year.

The 52-year old man died when he was in collision with a car at the junction of High Road, Woodford Green, and Forest Approach at 1.30pm on Sunday.

There is no evidence that speeding was involved in the crash and the woman driver was not arrested, but people living nearby say the junction is dangerous and believe the 30mph speed limit should be lowered to 20mph in an attempt to deter reckless driving.

Two pedestrians we killed at the junction in 2010 and residents say the issue of safety must be looked at.

Pat Shirley, 75, of Forest Approach said: “The junction is really dangerous, I have nearly been killed a number of times.

“Trying to cross the road is very difficult due to the speed of drivers and changes need to be implemented at the junction otherwise something like this could happen again.”

There is a speed camera located nearby but only operates on drivers heading north into the junction and Jeff Smith, 64, of Forest Approach believes it should be relocated.

He said: “People come out of the gym and school so there can be a large number of people trying to cross the road.

“I think the speed camera needs to move. It does not seem to flash the cars going down the hill, so they drive so fast through the junction.”

Nina George, 46, of Forest Approach, believes lowering the speed limit would encourage more caution.

She said: “The cars drive so fast, it is not a surprise that this accident has happened.

“If the speed limit was lower that would really make drivers think twice.”

Redbridge Council is currently consulting the public on introducing a 20mph limit across South Woodford and Woodford Green.

The Guardian is awaiting confirmation on whether the stretch of road where the accident happened is included in the proposal.

The cyclist’s next of kin are yet to be informed of his death and he has not been formally identified.

Any witnesses or anyone with any information about the incident is asked to call police on 0208 597 4874 or 101.