A father has accused the council of “putting life and property at risk” because of a policy preventing residents creating driveways in a Woodford Green street.

Junaid Muzammal, 30, and his wife Yasmin, who live in Canfield Road, Woodford Green, say the road becomes so narrow when cars are parked on both sides that emergency vehicles would struggle for access.

He claims Redbridge Council won’t let residents install dipped kerbs so they can park off-street because it wants to preserve small bushes, some of which he says are dead, which line parts of the street.

“If there’s a fire tomorrow it’s not big enough for the fire engine to come down the street,” he said.

“If you see it after 5pm when everyone comes back from work it’s so narrow with cars parked on both sides.

“I had a small Astra and even that was hard to park. They are putting life and property at risk.”

Many people have problems parking close to their homes, he added, as well as having to repair regular damage to their cars as a result of being clipped by motorists.

Mr Muzammal, a data sales consultant, he even offered to plant more greenery if he is allowed to build the driveway, but this was rejected.

A council spokesman said: “The council’s stance on protecting the environment in relation to vehicle crossovers applications is a policy which is clearly explained to all applicants.

“After careful consideration, it was decided that the verge and shrub area are important to the local environment and the character of the road, and should be protected in accordance with the established policy.”