A man made redundant from his IT job has realised his dream of setting up the first fishmongers for 20 years in Wanstead.

Kevin Murphy opened Wanstead Fish, in High Street, Wanstead,with his wife Jane Edwards last week.

Mr Murphy, who has lived in Dangan Road, Wanstead, for 12 years, developed a passion for fish due to his wife's pescatarian diet, which consists almost entirely of fish.

He was made redundent from his IT job at software company Fidessa earlier this year and decided to follow 10-year dream of setting up the business.

Two fishmongers in High Street shut down around 20 years ago and Wanstead Fish will finally fill the gap by offering more than 30 varieties of fresh fish.

The shop also has its own smoking facilities.

The most expensive fish on offer is a turbot at £80, which is around a half metre square and weighs around four kilos.

Mr Murphy completed courses in retail fish managing and knife skills, and said all fish sold is bought fresh each morning from Billingsgate market in Wapping.

The 52-year-old said: “I am passionate about fish because me and my wife's diet is almost entirely made up of the stuff so it is a realisation of a dream to be providing the service myself.

"Me and Jane have talked about the lack of quality fresh fish in the area and the need for a fishmongers for the last 10 or so years so I used this opportunity to set up the business.

“I could have spent the money on a Ferrari, but I thought it would be more of an investment to start the business.

“Wanstead needs a fishmongers and people like to shop locally here, so I am confident we will be a success.

“We won’t become a millionaires but it will give us a living and at the same time offer a traditional fishmongers in the high street."