A 15m phone mast planned for a residential street has been described as 'atrocious'.

Arran Angus lives next door to the proposed site of the Telefonica mast at the junction of Twickenham Road and Norlington Road, in Leytonstone.

The 40-year-old started a petition with neighbours, which has attracted about 35 signatures, and claims residents have not been contacted by the telecoms company.

The proposal also includes six cabinets on the pavement.

Mr Angus said: “It is just an atrocious plan and will be twice the size of the houses.

"The cabinets will then be blocking the pavement.

“It is totally out of keeping with the Victorian and Georgian housing in the neighbourhood.

“I am not against the idea of improving mobile communications, but there are a variety of different solutions which do not affect residents, like building on the wasteland near Hainault Road.

“We are going door-to-door and asking what people think and everyone is backing our campaign by objecting to the plans.”

In an email shown to the Guardian, Waltham Forest council leader, Chris Robbins, said he and other Grove Green councillors are against the plans.

He said “I am able to tell you that all three councillors in Grove Green will be registering our objections to the proposals.  

“The proposal is completely inappropriate and we will be vigorously opposing.

 “Formally your views and those of other residents are currently being looked at as part of the application process.”

The public consultation on the plan ends on Wednesday.