The community has united to condemn a plan for a 50ft phone mast in a conservation area.

Telefonica has submitted plans to erect the transmitter and four boxes outside a Toyota car dealership in High Road, Woodford Green. 

If approved, the 15m mast would sit in the middle of the pavement in the Woodford Wells Conservation area, which spans from Epping New Road to the boundary of Barclay Oval. 

Redbridge council has received 49 objections from residents, businesses, MP Iain Duncan Smith and Wells Primary School, in Barclay Oval.  

Headteacher Jill Henderson said there is ongoing concern over the effect of masts on children’s health.

She said: "There are no guarantees that any level of emissions are not without risk to the thousands of children who are educated, or who reside in this densely-populated area. 

"We would urge the local authority decision-makers, who must surely have the health and safety of its residents at the core of its statutory duties, to reject this application."

Other schools in the vicinity include Bancroft's and Avon House Preparatory School, in High Road, and Trinity Catholic High School and St Antony's Catholic Primary School, in Mornington Road. 

Valerie Coleman, of Percival House in High Road, described the planned mast as a "monstrosity."

She said: "The 15m mast will be visible for miles.

“On a clear day I can see the stanchions of the Dartford Crossing, so they cannot tell me this will be discreet.

"This 49ft monstrosity will be constantly visible to me in what is supposed to be a conservation area." 

The planning consultant at Hills of Woodford (Toyota and Lexus) has sent the council a lengthy objection. 

Managing director Ashley Humphries said the community is united in its opposition to the plan. 

"This is not something anyone would want locally. It is planned for directly outside my forecourt and with the cabinets, it will obscure my display. It completely spoils the area," he added. 

Councillors will decide the plans at a neighbourhoods’ service committee meeting on Wednesday.