A rogue landlord who continually extended his properties without planning permission has been fined £300,000.

William Lao, of Webster Road in Leytonstone, poketed £218,000 of illegal earnings from renting illegal spaces.

Mr Lao added roof and garden extensions to all seven of his Leyton properties to boost his income.

Two of the properties were in Dunedin Road, three in Goodall Road, one in Webster Road and one in Frith Road.

Waltham Forest council issued a number of enforcement notices but Mr Lao refused to restore the properties to their original state.

He now has six months to pay the fine or he could be imprisoned for up to 30 months.

In addition to the financial penalties imposed, all of the works carried out to Mr Lao’s properties will now be reversed.

Deputy leader of Waltham Forest council, Labour Cllr Clyde Loakes, said: “Some of the issues date back almost five years.

 “So we’re really pleased to have finally brought this rogue landlord to account and seen him rightly punished for a catalogue of breaches.”