An 'outstanding' primary school has been selected to represent its constituency in a project celebrating two historic anniversaries. 

Churchfields Junior School in South Woodford is one of 650 schools across the UK selected to take part in Parliament's 2015 flag project.

This year marks the 800th year of the sealing of the Magna Carta (1215) and 750 years since founding father of the House of Commons, Simon de Montfort, formed a modern parliamentary democracy.

To commemorate the 1265 Montfort Parliament, members of the House of Commons and Parliament's Education Service have nominated a primary school in every constituency to create a flag that represents their area. 

Churchfields school council leader Emma-Jane Bradley and Chloe Wellings have worked alongside artist Rose Garcia and 32 school councillors in years 3 to 6 to design the flag which will 'fly' online in a digital exhibition from this Thursday (March 5).   

The Chingford and Woodford Green design is inspired by Redbridge council's logo of a horse chestnut leaf and Hocklee's Bridge which used to span the River Roding prior to being demolished in 1921. 

'Redbridge' is named after the red-brick built bridge which was unusual during that time as other bridges were made out of white stone. 

Jonathan Parsons is the artistic lead for the UK Parliament’s 2015 Flag Project. 

He said: "The 2015 Flag Project has demonstrated not just the wonderful creativity and imagination of all the participants, but also affords a genuinely unique child’s-eye view of the entire UK and it’s variety of local identities.

"From highlighting the natural environment of a constituency to drawing on myths, legends and history or showing a local trade or industry, I have been delighted by the creativity and diversity of the submitted flag designs."