A junior cabinet member for Waltham Forest council has resigned from her post.

Cllr Karen Bellamy, who held the portfolio for child and family poverty, quit the job just over one week after the council’s controversial decision on the Pool and Track in Walthamstow.

It is believed Cllr Bellamy chose to leave the cabinet as a 'matter a principle'.

When plans for the new Pool and Track in Chingford Road, Walthamstow were voted through in March, the former community campaigner voted against the plans.

Cllr Bellamy voiced strong opinions on the high cost of travelling for young divers and their families.

Speaking at the first committee meeting in September the councillor spoke about how she took the journey by bus herself to see how long it would take and found it to be ‘unreasonable’.

Cllr Bellamy will continue as a councillor for Higham Hill Ward.

William Morris Ward councillor Grace Williams was given her place last night.

The Labour group has been asked to comment.