A YouTube video features a commuter's cheeky adaption of a famous 1990s hit in response to ongoing chaos on a rail line recently taken over by Transport for London. 

Commuters using the line between Chingford and Liverpool St, via Walthamstow, have endured regular delays, cancellations and overcrowding since the line became part of the Overground network last month.      

After one disgruntled passenger started an irreverent twitter account providing expletive-ridden mock TfL announcements in response to the problems, Kate Milner from Highams Park has now adapted the lyrics to D:Ream's 'Things Can Only Get Better'. 

The three-minute performance of 'Chings Can Only Get Better', uploaded to YouTube by oddboyonline, features lyrics describing the Walthamstow Massive Acoustic singer's experiences on the troubled line.   

The song begins: "I think I've lost my mind, when I look at the boards and there's no trains on the Chingford line.  

"My commuters and I, we're all tweeting TfL saying what did we do to make our morning journeys hell.  

"And I say, wear my shoes, catch my train, get me to work before 10:02 and then (the chorus) Chings will only get better, they can only get better, now that our trains are blue...and orange." 

The next verse describes her experience of travelling on a four-carriage train with her child, who cannot reach her snack due to the overcrowding.  

London Overground staff were at stations this morning handing out leaflets apologising to passengers for the sub-standard service.

Mayor Boris Johnson recently admitted there could be a sub-standard service on the line for two more years. 

Greg Howell, owner of Highams Park station's Coffee in the Park kiosk, said commuters were frustrated. 

Watch the video below


"Overall it's been poor and a complete shambles," he said.

"From what they tell me, it is definitely worse coming home from Liverpool Street. 

"What I would say though, it is good to see TfL staff at every station from the first thing in the morning until the last train at 1am, particularly for women travelling on their own late at night."

Describing her experience of the service, Anna Fruggiero, 35, of Highams Park, said: "I had to leave one job because I was always late for work. 

"They know between 6am and 9am is rush-hour so they should be prepared. 

"The trains are too short and sometimes you feel like an animal in a cage." 

Scott Hamilton, 36, of Armstrong Avenue in Highams Park, said the service on the line was "shockingly bad".

He added: "Going in, it's temperamental but coming home, I don't think I've had one train on time in three weeks."

TfL announced today that Bombardier Transportation had won the £260million contract to provide a new fleet of 45 trains for the line between Liverpool St and Chingford, Chestnut, and Enfield Town, as well as routes from Gospel Oak to Barking and Romford to Upminster. 

They will not arrive until the summer of 2018. 

D:Ream's song was used as the theme tune for Labour's election campaign which swept Tony Blair to power in 1997.

It featured TV scientist Dr Brian Cox on keyboards.