Drinking alcohol could be banned in Woodford streets for three years from next month in a bid to tackle anti-social behaviour.

Redbridge council has stated its intention to enforce a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) to address persistent street drinking and associated problems in the Monkhams, Church End, Roding and Bridge wards.

The council said the proposal was in response to ongoing complaints from residents, businesses and councillors about street drinkers around Woodford and South Woodford Underground stations and in the High Road.

It is intended that the PSPO shall come into effect on September 14 and will last for three years.

During this period it will be an offence for anyone to drink alcohol in the street in the areas specified, after being told not to by a police or council officer.

A consultation period is underway and residents and businesses in the area are being asked to get in touch with their opinions on the scheme.

Labour councillor Dev Sharma, cabinet member for civic pride said: “Everyone has a right to feel safe without being faced with anti-social behaviour which has an impact on their everyday lives.

“We know that street drinking in these areas has caused a big problem for the community and the PSPO will help tackle the issues around anti-social behaviour and disorder.”

Conservative councillor Tom McLaren, of the Church End ward, welcomed the council proposal as he says the area has had a problem with people drinking in public and making their “neighbour’s lives hell”.

He said: “The announcement is a direct response to our campaign against anti-social behaviour, and is the culmination of more than a year’s work.

“We have yet to see the full details, but I am delighted that the council has responded to our anti-social behaviour campaign in such a positive manner.

“The proposed PSPO represents a big step forward in dealing with the anti-social behaviour problems we have seen in South Woodford and the surrounding area.”

“The PSPO will only be as good as those who enforce it, and we hope that all agencies will be prepared to use all the powers that they are given for the benefit of local residents.”

Send comments and questions to: asb-general@redbridge.gov.uk.

The consultation period will end on September 7.