The principal of an academy has congratulated staff and students for their collective effort after achieving  ‘beyond amazing’ A-level results.

Students from Walthamstow Academy in Billet Road managed a 100 per cent pass rate at A2 for the first time since the sixth form centre opened in 2008.

The grades achieved between A* and C climbed to 76 per cent from 66 per cent last year and every BTEC student achieved a triple distinction.

Head boy Theo Leeny got an A* in English, an A in Maths, a B in Physics and a C in Economics , he is going to study Engineering and Maths at The University of Bristol.

He said: “I am a bit of a physics geek, I really want to apply quantum mechanics to engineering which hasn’t really been done yet.

"Quantum mechanics defy normal laws and people have applied it to computers but not yet in a practical engineering setting. I want to be in the forefront of it.

“I can’t wait to study out of London, Bristol seems really liberal and it has got its own feel it’s perfect for me to go and study there.”

Kamran Hussain got a triple distinction in BTEC business and is heading to University of Kent to study accounting and finance.

“I am ecstatic, I knew it would be ok but to get it confirmed feels great. It was tough, the course had it’s difficult times but my teachers pulled me through.

“I want to be an entrepreneur, and my own boss, I have decided my path to follow.”

Principal Emma Skae said: “We are so happy, we have lots of students able to go to university on their first offer. The AS results in particular have been beyond amazing.

"Not one student has failed, which does happen occasionally for some inexplicable reason. It has been a real collective effort.

“We have a small sixth form so we can offer more individualised and tailored attention to students.

“We are lucky because teachers get to know the student’s strengths and weaknesses really well.

“It is just not right if someone works hard for two years and comes away with a U.”