A planning application for a 15-metre tall mobile phone mast in a conservation area has been rejected by town hall planners after criticism.

Telefonica was hoping to get permission to install the structure, with two equipment cabinets and an electricity cabinet, within the Aldersbrook Bowling Club, in Aldersbrook Road.

But nine local residents spoke out against the proposal which is within the Aldersbrook Conservation Area and is only around 150 metres away from Aldersbrook Primary School.

Nick Wheatley, of Herongate Road, said: “Quite simply, we do not want to have this hardware installed in close proximity to our houses, churches and school for health reasons, for aesthetic reasons and because the plans contravene the conservation zone.

“We’re trying to preserve the Aldersbrook estate.”

Ian Shelton, of Dover Road, said the mast would have a detrimental impact on the area.

“It will turn what is supposed to be a border of Wanstead Flats into an industrial site,” he said.

“The Aldersbrook estate is a conservation area.

"I fail to see what the purpose of this title is other than a marketing tool for estate agents as the reality is that residents and commercial enterprises do largely as they wish.”

Redbridge council’s planning department said it was rejecting the proposal because the 15-metre tall structure was out of character with the area.

The report says: “The proposal, because of its position, height, design and appearance would result in a dominant and visually intrusive feature, out of scale and character with development in the surrounding area and would therefore be detrimental to the visual amenity of the locality, failing to sustain and enhance the character and appearance of the conservation area.”