A local authority is among the worst in London for housing homeless families in temporary accommodation outside of the borough.

More than two-thirds of homeless families are being housed outside of Waltham Forest, making the Labour-run council and Westminster, the worst in London.

From March to August this year, a third of 47,137 households in temporary accommodation across London were placed outside the 35 boroughs responsible for them, a freedom of information request by BBC London has found.

In the past three years, it has cost 29 local councils £358m to temporary house families, with some families being forced to live as a far as 200 miles from the capital.

Due to a "chronic" shortage of housing, Waltham Forest council started moving tenants to Luton around five years ago, and was done in preparation ahead of a housing benefit cap that was expected to exasperate the crisis further, former cabinet member for housing councillor Marie Pye said.

According to homeless charity Shelter, 698 families in temporary accommodation were placed outside the borough in 20121, with eight families moved as a far as Northampton.

Earlier this year, a family told the Guardian how they are being forced to live "like prisoners" in a one-bedroom flat in Luton.

Zafar Iqbal, 57, his wife and two children are among several others living inside a block of 53 flats that are being leased by the council.

Luton borough councillor Tom Shaw said Waltham Forest council are buying up complete blocks of flats  and moving people into the Bedfordshire town.

Director of Ascham Homes, John Knight, said in the short term, "we have no realistic option other than to place some families elsewhere to meet our legal obligation to the homeless."

The council has been contacted for a comment.