A HOLIDAY romance ended in tragedy after a mother-of-one fell in love with a man who “mentally abused her” before she committed suicide, an inquest heard.

Friends and family of Elif Orman watched the bright and bubbly 29-year-old who “loved to dance” become introverted and depressed in the year after meeting her Turkish lover.

Miss Orman took her own life on February 17, 2014 when she jumped from the A406 bridge in Walthamstow, onto the carriageway below.

It was only after her suicide, her family discovered the full extent of the controlling relationship she had entered into.

The Orman family moved to the UK when Elif, a “bright and happy” child, was nine.

She married aged 16 and had a son, now 12, with her husband.

When her marriage ended she moved to a home share in Edmonton and met new friends.

In April 2013 she travelled to Turkey for an eye operation where she met a man named Anil.

“I was in contact with Elif’s friends and they told me Anil was not a nice person and he had been violent towards Elif whilst in Turkey,” Elif’s sister Ozlem told the coroner.

“She returned to Turkey in summer 2013 and I messaged her a couple of times. She told me only to contact her at certain times and that Anil would check her phone.

“It was clear to me she was scared of him.

“She kept her passport in her underwear and he was very controlling.

The last time Ms Orman saw her sister was at a party the week before her death.

“She looked stressed in her face – when I looked at Elif something had changed.

“My sister who loved to dance, she just couldn’t dance.”

The day after the party news that Anil’s visa application had been turned down arrived.

Elif told her sister she would have to move to Turkey.

“Before she met Anil she was happy and bubbly,” she said.

“In the last year, Elif was not Elif. I believe he was mentally abusing her.”

The court also heard the statement of Elif’s housemate Lacramiora Trisciue, who said her friend changed after meeting Anil.

“I told her she needed to leave Anil because he seemed to control her,” she said.

“He always accused her of cheating and she became withdrawn.

“She couldn’t even make decisions for herself – he was constantly calling.”

On the morning on Elif’s death she and Miss Trisciue had been planning a trip to Rome, but at around 2pm Elif said she needed some air and left their home in Kenneth Robbins House, Edmonton.

Forty minutes later she received a text from Anil stating that Elif was going to commit suicide.

Her friend frantically tried to reach her, but never heard from her again.

At 2.25pm the police received a number of calls about a woman on the bridge above the A406 North Circular, near the Billet Road roundabout.

Minutes later she jumped.

Miss Orman had a history of depression after first being diagnosed in 2005.

Speaking during the inquest her GP Dr J P Hill said his surgery saw Elif regularly.

He revealed she took an overdose in 2007, but cancelled her psychiatric team appointments months later.

Miss Orman ended up in hospital again in October 2013 when she told nurses she would jump off a building after drinking half a bottle of vodka.

Her GP surgery was notified but there was not psychiatric referral made.

Ms Orman asked why her sister was not offered alternative treatment when she refused anti-depressants.

Her dad who was quiet throughout the proceedings added: “I believe the GPs did not do enough – they did not look after my daughter.”

Dr Hill replied: “The last time I saw Elif I had no idea it would be the last time.

“If I go back to that room, the last time that I saw her, I can understand my decision and the thought process and the conclusion that I came to.

“On the other hand I can see why you think GPs have not done enough. If I was sitting where you are now I would think the same, probably.

“My heart goes out to you and I wish it could be different.”

Psychiatric Liaison nurse Mary Appadoo from North Middlesex Hospital also gave evidence about her 2013 visit.

She told the court Elif did not see a mental health nurse because they did not work 24/7 at the time.

The comments angered the family who said not enough was done.

Elif’s sister asked: “You do no referral, because what? Because she looks presentable or because she gives a few positive answers? The first thing you do is just offer her medication.”

Coroner Elisabeth Bussey-Jones ruled a verdict of suicide.

She said: “Nothing can be sadder than seeing the loss of life, especially of someone so young.

“The conclusion I am going to enter is one of suicide.”