The country’s only father-daughter firefighter duo made history after they were called to deal with a fire together.

Mark Archer, 54, works at Chingford Fire Station, in The Ridgeway, whereas his daughter Victoria Archer-Lee usually works at Shoreditch Fire Station.

But on January 21, 31-year-old Victoria was temporarily working at Chingford station, meaning she was based at the same fire station as her father and rode on the same fire engine for the first time.

This is the first time the pair have worked side-by-side as part of the same crew.

Victoria said: “It was great working with my dad for a shift.

“We ended up attending a couple of incidents together, including a fire in a boiler.

“We both put on our fire gear and the woman whose house it was gave us a very strange look when I called him dad!

“We had to explain that it wasn’t just a nickname.

“When I joined the brigade I never imagined I’d get to work alongside my dad, it was brilliant and is certainly something I’ll never forget.”

Mark became a firefighter in 1987 and Victoria joined in 2010.

Victoria spent a lot of time at the fire station with her dad in her childhood.

She said she wanted to be a firefighter from a young age but due to poor eyesight she thought her dreams would never by realised.

Luckily Mark stepped in and paid for her to have laser eye treatment, and as soon as she was able to she applied and passed training school with flying colours.

He added: “I am so proud of Victoria, she is made for this job - she’s a real people person and is strong, determined and always calm in a crisis.

"She has shown that this is as much a job for women as men and she can more than hold her own - she's already been promoted to the rank of crew manager.

"I have no doubt she will go really far in her firefighting career.

“She used to call me for advice but now I often call her!”