Council tax is rising for the first time in six years in Waltham Forest, it was announced at a budget meeting.

The decision was made by the local authority at the meeting last night (March 3) at Waltham Forest Town Hall in Walthamstow.

The overall increase to the bill for residents will be 1.86 per cent, set to start in April this year.

For an average household living in a Band D property this will mean an extra 52p a week or £26.97 a year.

Leader of Waltham Forest council, Chris Robbins, said the council tax rise was needed because of Government cuts

He said: “Following a six year council tax freeze we always knew that this day would come, and Government has created the conditions to encourage a rise by scrapping the council tax freeze grant and proposing a two per cent council tax rise to help pay for the growing adults social care bill.

“Since 2010 we have saved almost £100million and felt that to change or reduce the services that you have told us matter most to you and your family anymore would put them under too much strain, and that is why we have decided to increase council tax.

“However because we have managed your money carefully we can also make some investments now to save money in the future, this will ensure that we are well prepared for 2020 when Government plans to make councils self-funded.“

See below how much your council tax is rising:

Band A: 2015/16: £964.81

2016/17: £982.79

Band B: 2015/16: £1,125.61

2016/17: £1,146.58

Band C: 2015/16: £1,286.41

2016/17: £1,310.38

Band D: 2015/16: £1,447.21

2016/17: £1,474.18

Band E: 2015/16: £1,773.70

2016/17: £1,801.78

Band F: 2015/16: £2,090.41

2016/17: £2,129.37

Band G: 2015/16: £2,412.02

2016/17: £2,456.97

Band H: 2015/16: £2,894.42

2016/17: £2,948.36