SIX drug dealers lured a man to a residential road where they robbed him before shooting him twice in the chest, a court heard on Tuesday.

Jiovaughni Richards, 23 of Melon Road in Leytonstone, Taylor Scott, 21, of Malvern Road in Leytonstone, David Stockley, 29, of Colville Road in Walthamstow, Umar Anwar, 21, of Perrin Place in Chelmsford, Ramone Celaire, 24, of no fixed address, and Carl Knight, 33, of The Stow in Harlow, appeared at the Old Bailey charged with attempted murder, conspiracy to rob, and possession of a firearm with intent.

All six deny the charges.

Prosecuting, Catherine Farrelly told the court: “Just after midnight on March 25 last year in Draycot Road, Wanstead, Rahul Samma was robbed at knife and gunpoint and was shot twice causing serious injuries.

“On that day, the six defendants in this case and another man still at large were involved in a plot to trick Mr Samma.

“They travelled to Draycot Road in three vehicles to lure Mr Samma into one of the vehicles in order to rob him.

“In the event that Mr Samma put up any resistance, the approach was clear, to simply shoot him dead.”

She said the 26-year-old, from Leytonstone, had known Umar Anwar since May 2014 and had regularly met him in Draycot Road to buy cannabis.

The prosecution said cell site evidence showed that on the night in question, Mr Samma received an ‘unexpected’ call from Mr Anwar’s mobile phone asking him if he wanted to buy an ounce of cannabis for £850.

Mr Samma asked to speak to his usual contact, who then rang him on Mr Stockley’s phone reassuring him the deal was genuine.

All six defendants’ phones were traced to the same area near Leytonstone High Road at the time of the calls.

At 11.42pm on, a white van driven by Mr Stockley, a black Ford Focus driven by Mr Anwar, and a silver Vauxhall Astra driven by Mr Knight, left Leytonstone to go Wanstead with Mr Richards, Mr Scott, and Mr Knight.

When Mr Samma and his girlfriend arrived in Draycot Road in a black BMW at 12.29am, he received a call telling him to get into the silver Astra, said Mrs Farrelly.

When he got into the car, Mr Knight had a knife and Mr Celaire threatened him with a 12- bore shotgun and forced him to hand over his keys, telling him they were going to his house.

Mrs Farrelly claimed Mr Knight repeatedly punched him, while another man stole his watch and Mr Scott, Mr Stockley and Mr Richards slammed the car door to prevent his escape.

Despite the ‘ferocious’ attack, Mr Samma got out and ran back to his car when the prosecution claim Mr Celaire shot him twice.

The attack was heard by five witnesses, three hiding in a nearby car and two Draycot Road residents.

Heavily wounded, Mr Samma managed to drive passed the white van trying to block his exit across George Green, eventually stopping outside Papa John’s Pizza in High Street.

Three armed police officers and an ambulance arrived at 12.40am, before Mr Samma was taken to the Royal London Hospital with multiple injuries to his neck, chest, arm, and eye.

Bullets were found in his neck, lower jaw, chest, and at the base of his skull.

Mr Anwar’s sister Anisha, of Broadmead Court in Woodford Green, is also charged with perverting the course of justice, after the prosecution claimed she called Mr Samma on September 7 asking him to drop the charges against her brother.

Phone records have revealed the 30-year-old telling a friend: “It is better to have a dead witness than a living one in front of a jury.”

She denies the charges.

The case continues.