Mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith has pledged £1 million to improve safety at a notoriously-dangerous roundabout.

The Conservative hopeful for London Mayor promised to spend £1 million on improving safety at Redbridge Roundabout if he is elected during a visit last Friday (April 8).

The roundabout between Wanstead and Gants Hill is notorious for traffic congestion and road accidents, with the last fatal crash nearby in Ellesmere Gardens last Thursday (April 7).

Mr Goldsmith said: “Redbridge Roundabout is in desperate need of redesign to make them safer and help ease traffic in the area.

“My action plan for greater London will see £2 million pledged in Redbridge and Havering to kick start work on dangerous roundabouts like these.”

RedRag, a campaign group who have been fighting for improved safety measures at Redbridge, was very pleased with the pledge.

Campaigner Angela Shea said: "Zac has visited the roundabout twice now, so he is obviously interested and we are delighted he has gone on record pledging this money to improving safety.

"We would like to see the money spent on improved measures at the Redbridge Lane East exit as that is the worst for traffic.

"And at the A406 and M11 exit we would like to see red light cameras installed because drivers often jump the lights and don't give people from the Redbridge Lane East side enough time to exit.

"It's very frightening at times so we would like to see the money spent in that way."

Mr Goldsmith added that his Labour rival Sadiq Khan’s campaign risks creating a ‘£1.9 million blackhole’ meaning less spending for infrastructure projects across the capital.

Mr Khan said: “We’ve had eight years of a Tory Mayor presiding over toxic air pollution and a lack of real action on London’s dangerous and congested junctions – there’s no worse example than Redbridge Roundabout.

“As Mayor I’ll ensure TfL get their act together and finally improve the junction for local residents.”