RUSSELL BRAND has joined a rallying cry to ‘save our school’ as parents fear the council is letting it become an academy.

The comedian asked his 12 million Twitter followers to sign John Roger’s petition and force the council to sort out the ongoing situation at George Tomlinson’s Primary School in Leytonstone.

Mr Rogers and other parents are petitioning the council to “remove the Lime Academy Trust Partnership” from the school and install an interim head teacher “with no links to any academy”.

As of 8pm today (May 26) more than 500 people signed the petition within eight hours of its launch.

Concerned parents are holding a ‘silent protest’ outside the Harrington Road primary from 9am tomorrow (May 27).

Mr Rogers is “unhappy” with the “profound” and “damaging changes” made to the school since interim head teacher, Lynne Harrowell, was appointed on March 23.

Ms Harrowell, who works for Lime Academy Trust, was appointed after the council suggested her to the governing body.

Less than a month later on April 20, the entire governing body stepped down in circumstances described as “mysterious” by John Cryer MP.

The council told the Guardian it “had a number of concerns about leadership and management” and was particularly worried about “safeguarding protocols not being followed”.

The council was unwilling to comment on specific protocols “due to ongoing investigations”.

Mr Rogers said: “Since Lime have taken control of the school, there have been unexplained staff changes and disappearances, damaging changes to special educational needs provision and sports coaching.

“As parents of the school we are unhappy with the way these changes are affecting our children.

“No parent could sit around and let their child’s education get mishandled in this way.

“We are campaigning to preserve and stop the continual dismantling of a school loved by the whole community.”

Several parents have shown the online petition support and commented their views.

Lila Tolui-de Vere said: “My son goes to this school. He is suffering as a result of poor poor management currently in place.”

Laura Tablada added: “I am a parent of George Tomlinson. This is not a failing school.

“Children are not happy with the new changes and as a parent I'm really disappointed with the way they have come to our school and brought this weird atmosphere.”

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