A primary school is planning a week of celebrations as it marks its 110th year.

Larkswood Primary Academy in New Road, Chingford, is starting its week of summer events with a Birthday Marathon on Thursday (June 16).

As part of the The Daily Mile campaign to get kids regularly active the Birthday Marathon will take pupils round a mile-long loop of the Chingford school.

Whether they run, walk or stroll, the school is hoping enthusiasm for the event will turn it into a daily feature of the pupils’ day.

A Birthday Summer Fair will take place on the Saturday (June 18) followed by a Midsummer Open Air Concert on Tuesday (June 21).

The weather permitting outside music festival will include performances from the children, a choir and a band.

The primary became an academy in 2015 after Lime Trust took responsibility for the school.

Lime Trust CEO, Lynne Harrowell said: “The Chingford community has always been at the heart of our school.

“Many parents of our current pupils also attended our school, we have some families with three generations of Larkswood pupils.

“We are extremely proud of the positive contribution to the community our pupils make and are very excited to be involved in these celebrations.”

Lime Trust and Ms Harrowell are currently embroiled with protesting parents at George Tomlinson Primary School in Leytonstone, who are not happy with her interim appointment as head teacher.